Brain Melters! – This months 10 questions that question the uncommonly questioned.

Form presents our Brain Melters! 10 questions to think about for this month

1: Who decided to first drink milk? Are they are genius or a purely crazy person. Milk is excrement from a cow and now the whole world has tended to adopt this habit and diet. Who decided we “needed” milk in our diet?

2. What is the weirdest experience you have had that comes to mind? Do you regret having this experience? Probably not, because the stronger the experience, the stronger the impression it leaves on you. By that logic, we should all cherish our most weird and wonderful experiences and decisions.

3. Humans are “apparently” top of the chain of conscious beings on Earth. But are we really? What other species experience depression, addictions, live non-sustainably and don’t look after the environments in which they live? Are we really that highly intelligent after all?

4. What would happen to our current society if the internet was to disappear overnight?

5. If you lost all ability to speak verbally for a whole year, what kind of benefits and changes would you undergo? What would you finally say to people after that year of no verbal communication is up?

6. If you were to make a clone of yourself, and it went through all the exact same experiences in its lifetime to you, would that clone think, feel and act exactly the same or would something be different?

7. Would you rather live happily in a matrix/simulation, or live in a real world outside of that matrix that has many more dimensions both positive and negative?

8. Would you rather go to an event/festival that has the same things as every other events and festival you have attended, or go to a new event, try many different activities and experiences, some that you don’t end up liking, but some you end up loving and finding new interests?

9. Everything we do or do not do has been taught to us that it is “normal” or “not normal” to do so. What is something that is definitely not normal that has been instilled to us that is “normal”?

10. What is one life lesson that you wish you could teach every person? How would the world change if everyone knew this?

We strongly encourage you to comment your thoughts below on ANY of these melters. Discuss and debate, but keep it friendly. We don’t always think the same – it’s what makes us awesome.

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