10 things you want and what Form will give you


1. You want a mix of fun, silly, exciting, meaningful and deep experiences

Form is unlike any other event or festival. It gives you access to a multitude of emotions, connections, thoughts, games and experiences all rolled into one amazing day that is bound to leave you saying “this was an experience I didn’t know I needed”.

2. You want to meet new interesting people

Form gives you the opportunity to connect with new people who are also like you and excited to meet new people of their own. We encourage everyone to chat to some new groups, integrate and get to know someone new.
Seriously, how good is it when you go to an event and make a bunch of awesome new mates? Let’s make that happen.

3. You want to explore and discover in more depth, the person you are

Form will be hosted within a beautiful setting as a comfortable space with multiple chill out zones featuring attractions like bean bags, gardens and water features to foster a tranquil feeling, in association with our other activities, to reflect and take some deep moments by yourself or with your friends. Open up and think about the important things. Or the weird things – like the age old (maybe not) question of would a giraffe wear a tie at the top or bottom of it’s neck? I’d say bottom, personally.

4. You are bored and tired of doing the same things in your life

You are now consciously aware that you would like to actively participate in new experiences and activities all the while connecting with new people. Form is the perfect opportunity to try new interactions in a setting that is open and welcoming of difference and fosters and allows our guests to discover or embrace new forms and shapes of themselves.
Want to try new things but don’t necessarily want a bunch of randoms coming at you with their words? That’s cool too. As we’ve said we’re accepting. We’re encouraging new interactions, not demanding harassment. Come and do some cool fun things with your current mates. There are polite ways to disengage conversation – we should focus on changing perceptions on things previously negatively regarded.

5. You want to go to an event that is not only fun, but beneficial in other awesome ways

Form specifically aims to make our events a one-stop-shop for fun and festive vibes but with the addition of 8-10 different activities, games and interactions that you would not normally have the opportunity to experience, especially in an event vibe. Don’t get any super creepy ideas either! This isn’t a sexfest – we mean things like, oh say, giant Jenga, for example.
“Will there actually be giant Jenga?” – You
“Who knows? Well, we do, but you can be there to find out.” – Us

6. You don’t want to take yourself too seriously, you want something that allows you to be uniquely you, even if that you is “crazy” or “weird” by today’s standards

We don’t want anyone who likes to hurt anyone or anything! What we mean is forget the social idea of “cool”. Cool is subjective.
Form caters for those who are less conventional and proud to be so. We believe that allowing everyone to shine and take their own unique form, not only at our events, but in life, is super important.
Everyone always says originality is great, but weird isn’t… what the?

7. You are having problems that you can’t seem to find the solutions to and find it difficult to explain this to some of your friends, family and support network

We are not claiming to fix all your problems and find all the solutions, but stepping away from your own perspective and allowing yourself to see the world from others’ perspectives, and allowing others to see from your perspective is one truly beautiful experience that can help you overcome limitations, barriers and obstacles. If this sounds like you, we recommend taking a chance and coming to find out for yourself.

8. You want to relax, get a little loose and have some new fun

Events by Form is the perfect opportunity to let down your barriers and guards and find your form, whatever that may be. By staying open minded to all the new interactions, games and activities you are bound to see a shift in your own perspective as well as the people around you.

9. You have been waiting for that special something, life event or experience to help you find yourself and find some new inspiration and guidance

If you feel like there could be more for you and your friends and that the current things you engage in are just not resonating contently with you, we strongly urge you to give this experience a chance.

What if this event is the thing that you have been searching for, but ultimately you get in the way of your own solution..

10. You want to help make a beautiful experience for other people and share your passion, wisdom and love for a greater good

You have so many amazing qualities and you want to be able to share this energy to see others grow and develop into the beautiful butterflies and flowers we all are!

After reviewing this, if any or all of these points touch base with you, give yourself the opportunity to do something both externally and internally positive for you!

Added note. We are aware this may come across as a little “preachy”. We don’t mean it to. We will not hit you with some creepy cult business, or some magical leader (nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana leader) We’d just like to foster an environment of general positivity and sweet vibes that’ll hopefully help open up all of our minds a little more – all while having a great time.

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