A beginning step into Self Realisation

A beginning step into Self Realisation:

An interesting concept is the idea of Self realisation. At first glance, it seems quite absurd. I am me. How much further could I take this to realize I am me?

But once you starting delving into more concepts and ideas, a common theme that becomes apparent amongst many different philosophies and even religions alike is the idea of the false and untrue self, also known as the ego. If I believe I am me, but this is just my ego tricking me, than what is the “real” me underneath or separate from this. And what if the ego is the part of me I associate with, and beyond this there is nothing more? How can I possibly realize what I truly am?

A common technique that is often used in conjunction with these ideas is taking a step back and become the observer of this false and untrue self and watching how it behaves in its ways causing an endless cycle of chasing and running away, or in Buddhist philosophy, our attachment to desires and aversions from certain things that we would perceive as a “positive” or “negative”. If one begins to ask the question, but WHY do I have a desire for certain things or WHY do I want to remove myself from a certain something we can begin to see what it is that our egos are desiring. This leads to one of the first levels of detachment from this false self and one of the most pure, true directions towards Self Realisation.

Or maybe the ego is just so far intricately placed that it is just another mere trick and trap to push you further into a sense of believing you are your thoughts, emotions and ego…and we are not yet any closer to Self realisation.

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