Is our society really growing more advanced?

In our material world, especially western societies, we demand improvements, advancements, the newest items and if it has science behind it, it must be correct. As many amazing things, comforts and technologies we have developed, especially over the past 50 years one question that has only really been looked into recently is the idea that maybe we have not been moving as “forward” as we once thought we have, and all this pushing, discarding, creating and consuming may not be for the greater good.

In terms of our understanding of science, one of the strongest followings and accepted developments in terms of where majority of people turn to for truth, we have never been stronger. We can do everything by the click of a button and have it “now”.

But alongside all of these inventions, creations and consumptions, has society as we know it seen an overall increase in happiness, contentment and fulfilment in the precious commodity we call life?

Absolutely not, the world is in chaos. Crises continue to emerge, mass amounts of people are dying in the by-products of wars, superpowers of the world threaten to annihilate each other with a single click of a button that is ready always at their disposal. Depression, anxiety and suffering grow stronger and stronger and we see huge tragedies of people sadly ending their own lives. Does this sound like a society and civilisation that is advanced?

The conclusions to draw from this understanding would suggest this is not the most advanced civilisation or a truly intelligent one either.

One of the huge issues with placing all our eggs in one basket with things like science is that, if we don’t have evidence in a material sense, than it “can’t be true”. But this is logically stupid, the thing that science tries so desperately to cling to. There are so many things that science cannot explain but just because of the limitation of scientific means, testing and understanding does not mean we should give up on it.

It is rather interesting that Science was seen as a breakout point for many people away from religion, removing themselves from mass conformity. However when you start to look deeper at science from a new perspective, society has not changed much at all, we are simply putting faith and following to a new topic. Isn’t this the same principal that led mass amounts of people away from religion and towards science with the supposed “answers”?  So now we can see that society has not changed at all much in that regard, we simply change terms and titles and make things seem pretty and new. This is not saying science or religion are technically wrong, but merely making observations from a new perspective with the hopes of breaking free from the barriers we very easily trap ourselves in.

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