Difficulties staying connected in the western world after Self Realising experiences

A common difficulty that a lot of people experience after they have self realizing experiences, in any form, from psychedelic trips through to mystical experiences is maintaining composure, interest, desire and attachment to aspects and things in daily life in the western world.

Having myself gone through many experiences and changes over the past 5 years which have steered my being towards new directions, the subsequent effects can be quite conflicting, especially in a western society.

The fact that we are born into a society and the illusion that we must follow it to survive, and work with it to achieve success and happiness from buying cars, new clothing and keeping up to date with the newest trends and having a secure, steady job and income to support these supposedly vital requirements begins to become more and more absurd.

Once you begin to realize that these rules and supposed necessities are not really important or real it is a hugely transformative energy that is hugely liberating in one regard, however I have found that the new problem can be the fact that you cannot simply quit life as you know it, unless you become a monk or join a community or Ashram for life.

For the most of us who do not quit society on the spot, but continue to operate within the society, however with a shifted perspective and understanding of how monotonous and limiting this cycle can become, things can become quite stressful. You may begin to see of lot of sickness, sadness and repressiveness amongst people and yourself, from all this extra self awareness.

I have always thought self awareness can be both a huge blessing, and a curse. You can see everything, the good, bad and the ugly.

However, in the face of these new challenges, the trap is to just fall into the old habits and give up on these new ideas and realisations you have had. Likewise on the opposite end of the spectrum, quit the cycle of the society to fall into a new cycle, such as leaving an old identity behind to shelter away from this “evil” society is another leering trap.

But when you really examine this, they are just two sides of the same coin, the same puppet master pulling two strings. So to go into either of these extremes is not solving any issues.

The key is to not attach, cling or run away from these things but to simply let go of the constructs and ideas that hold them together in your own mind. A wise friend of mine once told me, there are no such thing as questions, answers and problems, they are all just constructs of the mind. So in times of suffering and conflict I allow myself to experience this, and I feel a growing space of contentment.

If we apply this to our lives and the experiences and situations especially in a western society, we can practise the middle way, still operate and stay hopeful and connected with all the good that is definitely in the world, but also recognise the dangerous patterns and factors that the society can produce, for without bad there can be no good, and vice versa.

So as you struggle and feel as though you are a part of a cog in the machine, feel stuck and cemented, remember that your problems are not really problems, but just a figure and illusion that you created in your mind. We always have a choice and free will to decide how to be. So let not this dampen your spirit and soul, but let it serve as a testament that within the struggles we face in life, a flower can always emerge, just a flower can grow out of a crack of concrete from nothing.

Be you, be love and be the energy you are eternally, without the life situation attached to it.

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