The balancing act of life

A common talking point and understanding that most people start coming to is the idea of balance. Life appears to be a big game of balancing things. From emotional roller-coaster’s we experience, health, energy levels, work/life situations, physics, mathematics, basically anything we think of comes down to a fine balance at some stage.

It is quite an interesting thought when you really think about it, how despite our huge differences in belief, understandings, opinions and constructs of the mind, we all share valuable life lessons that begin to teach us the value of equilibrium.

As a child we are learning about different aspects of balance, such as beginning to walk. This is different however still a natural understanding of literal and physical balance.

As we grow older, new patterns of balance and sustainability begin to emerge.Whether it is social time and alone time, positive and negative emotions, or our health we have opportunities to learn about this concept. We often take for granted our own health, but in disease, sicknesses and illness we often have the opportunity to realise how lucky we are to have our health.

This really shows us that to keep things stable and steady that we need to look after our bodies, minds and souls. That all the things we do to ourselves eventually come back to reward us, or detriment us. It is often in these moments that we see that the balance has been thrown out, and we crave and long for the balance to be returned, and we will look to steps to help take us back to the sweet spot, not too hot or not too cold…justtttt right.

I remember for myself, a hugely valuable lesson came about after my end of school trip, schoolies. One week of constant heavy binge drinking. After the first 3 nights I was already mentally and physically ruined, however I pushed myself to keep going out, to the dismay of my own body and emotional state. At the end of this week period, I was extremely sick and it was only then that this event registered to me that I had thrown out the balance of my health and what I had truly wanted to do.

My body, mind and soul were craving peace and quiet. I intuitively knew, “Ok, no more drinking I want to feel healthy and normal again” and I decided I would not drink for a very long period of time, one and a half years to be exact, which for an 18 year old me was a huge leap.

This experience was strong enough to deter me from removing the balance in my life, and although a painful experience, it was truly beneficial and positive because of the realisation and self awareness that it brought to my life. So it is important to remember that every experience, good or bad has a silver lining somewhere, you just have to use self awareness that we all possess.

The real test comes from deciding you have a choice, which you are in control of choosing where your balance is. If your genuine balance is out drinking every night, then you do you! But please be honest with yourself when looking at these things, as you can lie to other people but lying to yourself will only bring more endless pain and pull you further out of your equilibrium.

So where to from here?

Try new things, experiences and adventures, even if some people or society will tell you it is bad, dare to do new things. Learn for yourself by your own teachings. But above all of this, have the awareness to realise you are watcher, observer and captain of your own life, and that every decision or path you choose leads you somewhere closer or further away from something. It is so important to intuitively listen to where you feel you are being directed towards and that is where the real challenge is.

Take on a multitude of things and not get attached and controlled by the stuff that pulls you out of your being. It is not an easy task to do, but it is the one you will feel balance within, and that is the most important aspect of all.

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