What is Events by Form?

Events by Form is an experience generating organisation that has a vision and direction to provide beautiful insights, knowledge and connections to help all humans adventure through life in the most healthy and happy way possible, and allow them to become their truest self whatever that may be.

Form is dedicated to sharing knowledge and development through articles and videos and the sharing of experiences through workshops, seminars, events and festivals throughout NSW and interstate.

Events/experiences occur regularly to cater for our growing demand of like-minded people wanting to have fun and meaningful experiences that leave you happy, laughing, content and connected.

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The Team

We are a group of weird and easy-going peeps who had a vision to create a network and community which is open to all the get involved in, and provide a platform to grow individually and as a whole network

Being open minded is so important and valuable to us. We see the word weird as a compliment rather than an insult. The world is too caught up on conflict and conformity and we just want to let our souls loose a little and flow through life with love and happiness.